Monday, 22 October 2012

Apple Disappoints Us With Their Anti-Science Ad

Apple once enjoyed an image of ultracoolness, of not doing things the way the other guy did them, and of honoring the values of science.   They even invoked the image of Richard Feynman in their "Think Different" campaign,:

Sadly, it appears that those days are long gone, as evidenced by the recent ad from Apple with it's anti-science overtones implicit in the tagline "Well, I guess the laws of physics are more like... general guidelines".

Yes, it's just an ad, and yes, the people making the advertising have nothing to do with the people designing the product, but it's the sentiment that rankles.  It smacks of disrespect, and it rubs those of us at the wrong way.  It would be different if it were funny --- we're big fans of funny.  But it's not funny, it's simple, and I mean that in an unflattering way - "the device is thinner with more display area" is hardly a conundrum that will baffle anyone.

Ultimately, it comes down to an aphorism once given to me; "if you don't like the advertisement, you're not the target audience".   So it appears while that Apple once went out of their way to woo me (and presumably you, too, if you're one of the five readers of this blog :-) they are no longer doing so, and they are now going out of their way to drive us away.

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