Monday, 1 July 2013

Sainkho and Garlo - crowdsourcing for new CD "Go To Tuva"

Hello fans of Tuvan music!

Sainkho and Garlo have started a crowdsourcing effort to raise funds for their latest recording, "Go To Tuva".  For full details, visit their WWW site at 

Here is the English summary of their pitch:
We want to release our album « Sainkho & Garlo / Go to Tuva ».
The album is recorded, mixed and ready. Music is a mix of rock,electro,world + the universe of the famous singer Sainkho Namtchylak.
Songs are in english or in tuvan.
Music is very original, Sainkho’s voices are beautiful and the sound is great.
Sainkho Namtchylak is a famous singer born in Tuva, a republic in Siberia in the North of Mongolia.

We need money for the mastering, pressing & communication.
And if we get more, we and musicians, mixer & recording studio will finally get some money.
Hope you join us.

Sainkho & Garlo’s band  have been touring in Siberia & in Tuva, & I made a 26’ documentary  / road movie  Go to Tuva.
This dvd « Go to Tuva »  is not released yet, i will make a home copy of it just for people who  help us. No case, nothing just a white dvd copy of this rare 26’ road movie in English & French + 2 clips & a live version of a song.
You can also get :

  • pictures from Tuva
  • A Go to Tuva post card
  • a Go to Tuva road diary ( french only ) A4 w pictures 31pages.
  • Your name as a coproducer on the 12X12cm card that will come with the cd
  • a Go to Tuva  original T shirt.
And here's a great video that accompanies this project, check it out!

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