Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tuvan Doctor a Hero In Moscow and In His Homeland

TuvaOnline has posted a great interview with Vyacheslav Ondar, who  is a Doctor of Medicine, member of American Academy of orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), and of International Association of traumatic orthopedics (SICOT) and also  National Physician of Republic Tyva.

Big Buddha Planned for Kyzyl reports that plans are underway to build Russia's biggest Buddha statue in Kyzyl.  The statue is expected to be about 9 metres tall, will be placed on top of a 6 metre tall platform, and will cost up to $450,000 (USD).

Kyzyl, Russia’s psychic energy gem in the heart of Asia

The web magazine Argophila has published an article declaring  Kyzyl to be Russia’s psychic energy gem in the heart of Asia.

Don't know why, but the over-saturated images accompanying the article are cool.

Feynman on Why Trains Don't Go Off The Track On Curves

Boing Boing references a great video where Feynman talks about why trains don't fly off the track when they go around the bend.