Monday, 12 May 2014

The official site of Richard Feynman,, has been launched.

This site contains exclusive historical photos, a bibliography of notable works, and contact info for those interested in licensing opportunities.

Visit today!

Xöömei Symposium and Festival - June 2014

A Xöömei Symposium and Festival that will take place in Kyzyl this summer. The dates are set, June 27-28th.

What other details do you need?

If you're interested, алдар тамдын (Aldar Tamdyn) would have more info.

Soviet-era Maps of Tuva Online

Lots of cool maps of Tuva are available for free online:

Soviet Military maps   for the maps in square N-46 for the maps in square M-46    and so on for maps in the scale 1 : 100 000

You will find maps in different scales here
for N-46 and so on.

The maps are from the Soviet era but the best to get.
For Tuva you need the squares N-46, N-47, M-45,M-46 and M-47

Or try
you will find the same maps but all of one square in one zip file.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saving the Feynman Van

Great article online about saving the Feynman van - read all about it at