Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Feynman Series - Youtube Channel

Reid Gower has created The Feynman Series, a Youtube channel featuring videos made to the soundtrack of Feynman speaking on a selection of topics --- the narration is from The Pleasure of Finding Things Out and the effect of hearing a familiar narrative accompanied by new, dynamic visuals is interesting and entertaining.

The first videos are titled "Beauty", "Honours", and "Curiosity".  The fourth episode on the "Key to Science" features physicist Joan Feynman.

The World Is A Dynamic Mess Of Jiggling Things

Here, from Fun To Imagine, is Richard Feynman talking about rubber bands.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things..."

For a longer talk about stretching, pulling, and pushing, visit the BBC site that hosts the original video, "Richard Feynman: Fun To Imagine".

Nature: rethinking particle dynamics

Nature has published an article, Rethinking Particle Dynamics, that provides an overview of current developments in theoretical physics.

It's interesting to all those with a passing interest in the subject, as it describes that new methods and concepts are being used to make some of the calculations that are traditionally made with the assistance of Feynman diagrams.

And of course, there's always The Van... with the diagrams.